Texas Schools Receive New A-F Grades — See How Yours Rated

Today the state released its first grades for Texas campuses based on how well they are educating children with more than half receiving A's and B's. Texas rolled out the new A-F academic accountability system last year with grades for districts only. This is the first time individual campuses receive official letter grades, which are largely based on how well students performed on the STAAR tests. Nearly 20 percent of all Texas campuses earned an A and 37 percent earned a B. Only 4.5 percent received an F, according to the preliminary ratings released today.Dallas ISD had 29 campuses earn an A; 102 received a B; and eight earned an F. That's up from four schools that failed accountability last year with the former "improvement required" label. The Fort Worth school district had 11 schools earn an A; 30 earned a B; and 18 received an F.Texas education commissioner Mike Morath said the new grades will help communities better distinguished between good and great schools. The system is also designed so that educators can more easily identify where the most critical needs are and what successful approaches can be copied, he said. "It's a lot of work that goes into helping the next generation of Texas kids have it better than the last," he said.  Continue reading...

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