Texas' New Laws, Our Latest Quiz, Ted Cruz Reaches Across Aisle to AOC Again, Robert E. Lee Statue Vote

Good morning! Here are the top political headlines from Austin, Washington, the campaign trail and Dallas.Points from Austin1. Gov. Greg Abbott triumphantly delivered his top campaign promise to voters Wednesday when he signed into law a bill -- detested by city and county leaders -- that caps how much local government can collect in property taxes.Abbott said the law creates "substantial property tax relief" and "lasting, meaningful, tangible results" for homeowners and businesses.2. The bill works in tandem with a landmark school finance bill he signed Tuesday that provides $5 billion in state funds to schools to help buy down local school property taxes.But some have raised questions about the bill's long-term viability, and teachers and school staff standing by to celebrate the news said they still don't know what size raise to expect from the new law.3. Other bills Abbott has signed into law recently: House Bill 1325, which clears up which CBD products are legal in Texas and will allow local farmers to grow hemp Senate Bill 22, to block taxpayer money from going to abortion providers Senate Bill 16, which offers cops money to help them pay off student loans The "Boeing fix" bill, ensuring that government contracts are released to journalists and citizens who want them The "Save Chick-fil-A" bill, which stops the government from taking adverse action against a business or person for their contributions or memberships in religious organizations4. Texas scores poorly in a new analysis that grades states based on LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace and legislative protections to ensure equal treatment. The report takes state leadership to task for what it describes as a lack of protections for LGBTQ workers and a history of discriminatory legislation.Flag Day quiz1. Flag Day, an annual holiday celebrating the Stars and Stripes, is this Friday. While you likely won't have the day off, you can fly your flag proudly just less than a month before Independence Day. Test your knowledge of the Texas and U.S. flags with our quiz.Points from Washington  Continue reading...

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