Texas Man Admits Posting Nude Photos of Woman He Met Online, Taunting Her After They Were Seen 1 Million Times

A West Texas man has admitted to stalking a woman in a case where he posted nude pictures of her online, threatened to rape and kill her and bragged to others about ruining her life.Isaiah Alexander Allen, 22, of Lubbock pleaded guilty to a federal cyberstalking charge in a Dallas courtroom last week. His sentencing date has not been set; he faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.According to court documents, Allen met his victim — a college student in California — while playing League of Legends online. The two began dating and conversed through text messages, Skype and phone calls, but they did not meet in person. The woman sent Allen nude photographs of herself during the relationship.In October 2017, a friend alerted the woman that 74 nude pictures of her had been posted on the websites Reddit and Imgur, as well as "a collage display" with images of her Social Security card, driver's license and student ID and her phone number and address.  Continue reading...

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