Texas Man Accused of Stealing Almost 12 Tons of Metal From His Employer

A Wichita Falls man is accused of stealing close to 12 tons of metal from the company he worked for and selling it as scrap.Ronald Gene Clark, 57, was arrested in Clay County on Nov. 20 and charged with theft. He was released the following day on $20,000 bail, reports the Times Record News.According to the arrest warrant affidavit, police were investigating a theft case where pricey stainless steal tubing was seized from someone selling it as scrap metal.That tubing was linked back to Motion Industries where Clark was working as an office manager at the time. A detective notified Clark, who said he suspected some employee theft was going on. The detective had also learned that Clark had been selling large quantities of brass. Records showed that he had sold over 23,886 pounds of metal and received over $29,000 in cash.Documents from 133 transactions revealed that it was Clark selling the material and signing the purchase tickets stating that he owned the metal.An executive with Motion Industries told police that there would have been no reason for Clark to be selling property of that amount as scrap on behalf of the business.Clark later admitted that he took the metal from the company and said he wasn't sure exactly how much he had stolen or how much he made from selling it all.Motion Industries completed an investigation of its inventory and concluded that the company lost $125,623.81 since May 2015 as a result of Clark's thefts.  Continue reading...

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