Texas Leaders Are Failing to Pursue Conservative Principles, and the Thwarted Sale of Oncor Is a Perfect Example

We're in the final days of the 85th Texas Legislature, and as a conservative, I find myself experiencing a disconcerting level of déjà vu.In yet another legislative cycle, Texas voters have sent a substantial cadre of conservative legislators to Austin, and yet again, anything resembling a free-market agenda has barely budged.It's becoming a familiar pattern: Conservative politicians campaign promising radical change on spending, education, taxes and regulation. Voters send them to Austin, where they spend four months trying to expand firearms and limit abortion, and then when the Legislature is done, Republican and tea party groups all over the state laud them for being "conservative champions."Wash, rinse, repeat.Meanwhile, other states are reforming their tax codes, introducing school choice, removing barriers to entrepreneurship and fostering economic dynamism through deregulation.  Continue reading...

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