Texas' Fight Over Vouchers Renewed After Senate Surprise for School Finance Fix

AUSTIN -- Public education advocates found themselves once again fighting another attempt to bring voucher-like programs in Texas when the Senate revealed its tweaks to the school finance bill.Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, said he knew his move to add education savings accounts for special education students came as a surprise but that it was needed to ensure that such kids got access to the services and schools they need most. He pointed to previous testimony where families described fighting for seven years or more for services in traditional schools.His ESAs would allow families to take money that would have gone to traditional public schools and use that toward private schools. A small portion of funding associated with the child would remain with the public school."This is not against public schools," Taylor said. "This is not about blowing up public education."Taylor added the ESA measure to the school finance bill that was passed last month in the House, which is adamantly opposed to any voucher-like measure.  Continue reading...

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