Texas Elector Chris Suprun Talks About Becoming an ‘a-word' Just Because He Won't Vote for Trump

There is not enough room below to catalog all the things Christopher Suprun has been called since Monday, when the Republican presidential elector said in the virtual pages of The New York Times that he would not be voting for Donald Trump on Dec. 19. Pretty sure the bosses here wouldn't even let me list most of the epithets. "If Donald Trump still wins, I will go into the history books as an asterisk," Suprun said Tuesday. A slight grin. "And people can use other A-words to describe me."They have. They will. And they will not stop there.Since Monday he has been called "traitor," "idiot," "coward," "a disgrace to Texas," "another corrupt establishment dirt bag," "attention whore" ... well, the list goes on. He has been told to vote Trump or be prepared to get chased out of Texas, where he has lived for close to 13 years. And he has been accused of being paid off by billionaire George Soros, who's given tens of millions to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and was wrongly accused of funding the protests that erupted nationwide following Trump's election last month.  Continue reading...

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