Texas Democrats Have a Long Way to Go to Reach Latinos

It's been a constant refrain of Texas Democrats, wandering in the electoral wilderness for 20 years: When the Hispanic electorate finally arrives at the polls in the numbers they make up in the state's population, everything will change. It's the dream of waking the sleeping giant of Texas politics and turning the state blue.In our short film about Texas, part of the Postcards from the Great Divide series, former U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego remembers "a big poster that said 'the '80s were the decade of the Hispanic, and then the '90s were the decade of the Hispanic, and then the 2000s.' " In an election year where many expected to see an anti-Trump surge of Latinos, that surge never came. In a South Texas district that is more than 70 percent Hispanic, Gallego lost his bid to recapture his seat. For now, the sleeping giant still sleeps.  Continue reading...

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