Texas Ag Commish Sid Miller Frets About Political Weapon of the Left: Nutella Banana Crepes

AUSTIN -- In this crazy, convoluted, contentious, carved-up world in which we live, there sadly is so much that divides so many of us.But when you get past factors like religion, ethnicity, international borders and whether you love or hate the Dallas Cowboys, you realize the planet's 7.5 billion residents are divided into only two major tribes: those who laugh with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and those who laugh at him.And today's subcategory in that split is the political meaning of Nutella banana crepes because Miller is trying to link his opponent to that dish.Everybody's favorite current Texas ag commissioner is up for re-election next year after a first term that's divided us into the laughing-at-him/laughing-with-him camps. It's clear that Trey Blocker is not laughing with Miller. Blocker recently announced he's running against Miller in the GOP primary next March.Incumbents don't like primary challengers. Miller, characteristically, quickly went on the offensive against Blocker, who, to be fair, came out with political guns a-blazin' against Miller.Miller, as is his wont (though many often wish he won't), took to Facebook for an early shot against Blocker, who is a lobbyist and ethics adviser. Miller, famous for never being photographed without his big ol' cowboy hat, focused on a photo on the Blocker campaign homepage showing a smiling Blocker shaking hands with somebody at an eatery of some sort.  Continue reading...

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