Texans Head to Washington to See Trump ‘cross the Finish Line’

WASHINGTON -- Kathleen Blakely and her husband drove two days from Texas Hill Country to the nation’s capitol to see Donald Trump’s inauguration.And they didn’t even have tickets.Blakely, a dental hygienist who lives in Boerne, outside San Antonio, said she was that excited to see her candidate take the oath of office. She was willing to stand with the masses but ultimately scored tickets this week from Congressman Lamar Smith’s office.She was one of the lucky ones. Other lawmakers, such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, received more than 1,500 requests for roughly 400 available passes, according to an aide. But Blakely, who was among the 27 percent of Texans who cast ballots for Trump in the state’s primary, said she was “bound and determined” to cheer her candidate on, so she knocked on Texas lawmakers' doors until she lucked out.  Continue reading...

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