Texans Approve Seven Constitutional Amendments on Election Day

AUSTIN — Early returns Tuesday showed that Texas voters agreed to add seven amendments to the state's constitution, including one that would exempt disabled veterans from paying property taxes.Early voting totals showed that about 86 percent of Texans voted in favor of Proposition 1, which provides the property tax exemption for veterans. In all, 1.4 million Texans voted early.Helping a Hero is a nonprofit that covers part of the cost of custom homes that have been adapted for wounded veterans. The recipient pays the remaining, significantly lower amount.The organization worked closely with Rep. Cecil Bell Jr., R-Magnolia, to write legislation ensuring that the homes they partially donate won’t add property tax to the veterans’ responsibilities.“The current property tax system in Texas provides tax relief for severely wounded veterans who receive free houses, but does not provide equal treatment for wounded veterans who pay for a portion of the value of their home through a charitable organization,” said Kelly Raley, Helping a Hero’s executive director.She said passing Proposition 1 will help disabled veterans who might have trouble paying the property tax on the full value of their partially donated adapted homes.These are the six other proposed constitutional amendments that were poised to be added to the Texas Constitution after Tuesday.  Continue reading...

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