Teen Rapper Facing Murder Charges Tried to Start ‘Rug-Rats' Gang in Jail, Officials Say

An 18-year-old rapper from McKinney who's facing charges of robbery and murder attempted to start a gang while in the Tarrant County jail, dubbing the organization the "Rug-Rats," documents show.Taymor Travon McIntyre, who goes by the name Tay-K, also assaulted another inmate and sent him to the hospital while behind bars in Fort Worth, prosecutors say.The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that McIntyre drew up rules for the new gang, including "no hurting or slaughter of children, unless necessary," while he was in jail awaiting trial.McIntyre drafted so-called "Laws of Power" for the gang that laid out its ranks, hand signals and entry rules, prosecutors said in a court document detailing 27 distinct acts. McIntyre released a song titled "Rug Rat" in 2017.McIntyre released his most successful song, "The Race," in 2017, as well. The song has more than 160 million views on YouTube and made the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 list. McIntyre made the song while on the run from police. A judge later cited it in a decision to deny McIntyre bond, the Star-Telegram reported.This isn't the first time McIntyre has allegedly broken the rules while locked up. In August, another felony was added to his rap sheet after he was caught with a cellphone in jail. Authorities say he used the phone to tweet an image of himself in jail with the caption "Live From the Gates of Hell #FreeMe."  Continue reading...

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