Teen Finally Gets His Chance to Thank McKinney Medical Team That Saved His Life 17 Years Ago

The last time they saw him, Caleb Johnson was a 13-month-old fighting for his life. On Monday, he towered over the Medical City McKinney medical team that helped stabilize him after the 2000 car crash that that killed his parents.They hadn’t forgotten the boy who arrived with traumatic head injuries or his four older siblings, and the Johnson family hadn’t forgotten the nurses and doctors, either.For years, Caleb and his family have recounted the tale of the nurse who inserted an IV directly into the baby’s bone marrow after several failed attempts to use his collapsed veins. But as he and his siblings recovered with relatives in Utah, they lost the nurse’s name: Dennie Miller.In an attempt to track her down and reconnect, Caleb, 18, posted a video, in which he shared the story of his survival and asked for help finding the nurse.Miller died in 2003 when Caleb was a preschooler so she never saw his video. However, the video was shared with six other medical workers who’d cared for the family, and in December they chatted with the Johnson through Skype.  Continue reading...

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