Teen Carjacker Pleads Guilty in Attack That Riled Up Downtown, Still Terrifies Victim

A teenage carjacker has admitted his role in a violent Dallas robbery that set off a panic downtown last year and left the victim "scared of everything."Ira Booker, 18, pleaded guilty earlier this week to attacking Sarah Hoff and stealing her 2003 BMW with the help of another man. On Friday, a judge was expected to sentence him.The attack happened Jan. 21, 2016, in the parking garage of the Davis Building apartments, 1309 Main St., where Hoff was living with her sister.Hoff, a 38-year-old special-education teacher, had just returned from celebrating a friend's birthday at a downtown Mexican restaurant when Booker attacked her, according to her testimony. "He looked in my window," Hoff testified. "I said, 'What are you doing?' He then opened the door and hit me."He and a second man punched Hoff three times and dragged her out of the car and over the pavement, cutting her face and causing heavy bleeding and minor brain damage that still affects her memory."I thought, 'why me?'" she said, sobbing on the witness stand. "I was petrified; I thought they were going to kill me."  Continue reading...

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