Ted Cruz's Opposition to Senate Health Care Bill Will Test Whether He's a Deal Maker Or Still Just an Agitator

WASHINGTON -- The agitator. The obstructionist. The bomb-thrower.All of those depictions of Sen. Ted Cruz were ripe to be dusted off on Thursday as the Texan joined three other Republican senators in jeopardizing the Senate GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan by announcing opposition to the bill just hours after it was released.And yet there was something different this time in how the conservative firebrand couched his criticism that the bill didn’t go far enough.Cruz highlighted significant areas of agreement. He revealed that the working group for the effort had actually met in his office. He touted the need for all Republicans to be “willing to give some.” And rather than just saying “no,” he stressed how much he wants to “get to ‘yes.’ ”“We can get this done,” he told reporters in an interview that was broadcast by CNN.  Continue reading...

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