Ted Cruz Rips Banks' Split With Gun Industry, Says It's ‘designed to Placate Liberal Activists'

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz is ripping Bank of America and Citigroup for limiting their business with the gun industry, accusing the banks of pursing policies "designed to placate liberal activists, earn favor with Democratic officeholders and garner ... media praise."The Republican on Friday wrote to the lenders' chief executives that their gun efforts are "not welcome in Texas.""The citizens of Texas -- including your millions of customers in Texas -- appear to have a stronger commitment to protecting our constitutional liberties than do your boardrooms," wrote Cruz, who will speak Friday at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Dallas.Both banks are among the biggest financial institutions in the U.S. Both have large operations in Texas.The banks' recent decisions to curtail their gun ties have split the GOP in Texas and beyond over how to reconcile gun rights with free-market principles.  Continue reading...

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