Ted Cruz Rails Against Obamacare, ‘sanctuary Cities’ Before Austin Crowd

AUSTIN -- Ted Cruz on Tuesday night revived some of his golden oldies, hammering Obamacare as a national disaster and skewering liberal Democrats who he said want to harbor illegal immigrants in American cities.Wrapping up the second day of his "Tough as Texas" re-election campaign kickoff tour, Cruz also warned of new threats to gun rights.He said former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who has called for repeal of the 2nd Amendment, doesn't understand it's needed for self defense."That's Texas. That's who we are," he said of the right to bear arms to fend off criminal assaults on oneself and one's family.Cruz spoke to about 100 supporters at Texas Mailhouse, a Northeast Austin business. Its owner, Bob Thomas, experienced great difficulties because of the Affordable Care Act, the senator said.He praised Thomas for overcoming "the challenges that a law like Obamacare has faced, with premiums skyrocketing, with deductibles skyrocketing, with his employees getting less and less health care at higher and higher rates."  Continue reading...

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