Teacher Groups Give Texas GOP Leaders an Education Report Card as Session's Midpoint Nears: Incomplete

This is a developing story.AUSTIN -- Teacher groups rallying public school workers at the Texas Capitol gave partial credit to lawmakers for focusing on school finance Monday but they made clear they seek much more.Prior to a midday outdoor rally, leaders of two major Texas groups said a Senate-advanced plan promising $5,000 raises to teachers and librarians was a step forward.But that action left more than half of school employees out of luck, the advocates said. Noel Candelaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association, said: "We're not willing to sell out our brothers and sisters" holding support jobs in the schools. Candelaria and Louis Malfaro, president of the Texas AFT, each said it's timely for legislators to pay for boosts to education by tapping the state's record-rich rainy day fund, which Republican leaders have been loathe to touch. "Education is an emergency in Texas," Candelaria said. Malfaro, drumming his fingers, said: "Fund our schools."  Continue reading...

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