Talking Points: Did You See What They Said?

"I leaked nothing to nobody, and I never have and never will."— Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, denying that she was involved in unmasking American citizens mentioned in intelligence reports for a political purpose (, Tuesday) "This is madness."--MSNBC broadcaster Joy Reid, in a tweeted response to reports that the Trump Administration could require tourists from Britain and other countries visiting the U.S. to reveal mobile phone contacts, social media passwords, and financial data under "extreme vetting" practices (, Tuesday)"There's a healthy feeling in both caucuses that we've got to put this behind us and legislate. There's more to the Senate than Supreme Court nominations. And as important as they are, we have other opportunities."-- Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois (, Thursday)"I would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence."--Ivanka Trump answering critics calling on her to exert a moderating influence on her father (, Wednesday)"I try to tell people that staying and doing your job at this point in history is an act of resistance, that if they leave, we will wind up with gaps in the system."— Former Environmental Protection Agency regional director Jared Blumenfeld, on declining morale and departures in the Trump era (Los Angeles Times, Tuesday)"Do we want the Mesquite City Council represented by a gang member? I'll be honest with you: This literally makes me want to throw up."— Councilman Dennis Tarpley, attacking Mayor pro tem Bruce Archer for posting a picture of himself on Facebook wearing a hoodie under the headline "Straight Outta Mesquite." (, Wednesday)Tony Romo, w ZERO broadcast experience, reportedly replacing Phil Simms on CBS' #1 NFL game crew. No offense. But that's total crap."—Former CBS sideline reporter Bonnie Bernstein, in a tweet. (, Tuesday)"We're second to the bottom. We continue to compete with the surrounding areas for the same folks, so it's important that we look at that."— Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, explaining to county commissioners why half of 911 call taking jobs are vacant (, Tuesday) "There were some things that just didn't quite add up."— Connor Balthazor, 17, part of a team of high school journalists in southeastern Kansas who found discrepancies in education credentials that forced the school's new head principal to resign (, Wednesday)"I pray that the people of your beautiful city never lose hope, that they work together to become builders of peace, showing future generations the true power of love."— Pope Francis, in a letter to Catholic parishioners in a crime-infested Chicago neighborhood (Chicago Tribune, Tuesday) "Every time this has been tried before, it has failed. But once again Congress has forced this policy on the IRS, and we expect the results to be the same: collection agents getting paid to harass taxpayers, many of whom need assistance, not threats."—Tony Reardon, National Treasury Employees Union, on an IRS program to turn IRS debts over to private debt collectors ( The, Tuesday) "If it's down there, and it's that long, then we are talking about the world's first luxury cruise ship. Every emperor had a villa, but Caligula demanded floating villas complete with columns, hot water, gold and mosaics."-- Alberto Bertucci, the mayor of the town of Nemi, on efforts to recover a pleasure barge belonging to the Roman emperor Caligula ( Washington Post, Tuesday)  Continue reading...

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