SWAT Arrests Armed Man Barricaded Inside Dallas Home With Children

A man was arrested early Saturday morning after police responded to a domestic disturbance scene where shots were fired in far east Dallas.When police arrived at the home in the 2800 block of Larry Drive around 1:00 a.m., they heard gunfire fired inside the home and called in the SWAT team, Deputy Chief Bill Humphrey said.Humphrey said a man, who has not been identified, was firing shots inside the home where he barricaded himself, three to four children, his spouse and his sister-in-law.After SWAT arrived, the family members were able to exit the home while the man remained barricaded inside. No one was injured, Humphrey said, and it does not appear that the suspect fired any shots at police.Around 2:28 a.m., SWAT was able to gain entry into the home and arrested the man on a charge of aggravated assault. "It started out violent, but fortunately turned out without anybody being injured, so we're very grateful for that," Humphrey said.   Continue reading...

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