Suspected Serial Killer Charged in Death of UNT Student

The man suspected of kidnapping and killing a University of North Texas student in 1997 was indicted in her murder Friday, almost two years after her remains were found buried in a field outside of Houston.Kelli Ann Cox, 20, vanished on a sunny July afternoon about a block from the Denton Police Department after touring the city jail with her UNT criminology class. William Reece, a trucker from Oklahoma and a known sex offender, was suspected in her disappearance early on, but almost 20 years went by before he led police to her body. Now he's been charged with capital murder in Cox's death.The indictment, which was filed Friday in Brazoria County, said Reece killed Cox by slamming her into a vehicle with his hands -- a gruesome revelation that finally brings answers to a family that wondered for years what happened.Cox's mother, Jan Bynum, said the indictment is a relief after 20 years of anguish."It should have happened a long time ago," she said. "I'm very, very glad it was a capital murder charge. This elevates it to the level it should be, to the level it is."  Continue reading...

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