Survivors of Texas' Luby's Massacre Grieve Anew Over Sutherland Springs

Close your eyes, she says. Now, tell me. Where are the exits?This is a drill Suzanna Hupp has done with her two sons. She realizes it may seem paranoid, sitting in a restaurant thinking about things like that. But her sons, both grown now, get it. Bad things happen. Evil exists. Better to be prepared.Hupp knows. In 1991, she was eating lunch in a Luby’s cafeteria when a gunman drove a blue Ford pickup through the restaurant’s front window, got out and started shooting. He killed 23 people, including Hupp’s mother and father, before finally shooting himself.In its time, the massacre in Killeen, Texas, was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Now it ranks sixth, just behind Sunday’s murder of 26 in the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church outside of San Antonio.   Continue reading...

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