Stray Cat's Bite Brings $48,512 Bill to Feline-friendly Biologist

Bill of the Month is a crowdsourced collaboration between Kaiser Health News and National Public Radio that dissects and explains medical bills. It is being republished with permission.Compassion for a hungry stray cat led to a nip on the finger -- and also took a bite out of Jeannette Parker's wallet.In a rural area just outside Florida's Everglades National Park, Parker spotted the kitten wandering along the road. It looked skinny and sick, and when Parker, a wildlife biologist, offered up some tuna she had in her car, the cat bit her finger."It broke my skin with his teeth," she recalls.After cleaning off the wound, she did some research and began worrying about rabies, since Miami-Dade County had warnings about that potentially fatal disease in effect at the time. She then drove back to her home in the Florida Keys and called the health department, but it was closed.  Continue reading...

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