Story of Houston Boy's ‘dry Drowning' Death Saves Colorado 2-year-old

The story of a Houston boy’s tragic death may have saved the life of a Colorado 2-year-old after his parents saw stories warning of the rare condition known as “dry drowning.”Frankie Delgado was only 4 years old when he died June 3 from inhaling water a week earlier on a family vacation. This delayed reaction, while rare, can be fatal.Following his death, Delgado’s family hoped that other parents would become educated about the warning signs that come with the unusual condition.News of Delgado’s death gained national attention, and his family’s hopes came true less than a week after.Gio Vega of Fort Collins, Colo., began complaining of a headache after swimming and swallowing water, his father, Garon Vega, told KUSA-TV.“He would say, 'Mama head hurt, mama head hurt,'” Vega said.  Continue reading...

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