Still Recovering From Trump Winning, Thomas Mallon Crafts a ‘superbly Written' Novel About Bush 43

On the morning after the 2016 presidential election, author Thomas Mallon rolled out of bed and made immediate plans "before I'd had my coffee" to find the Board of Elections online. There he made a decision and took an action he never thought he'd take. He voided his registration in the Republican Party. The results of the election trumped, if you will, any desire to remain a Republican in favor of being an independent, which he remains. Did he vote for Hillary Clinton? No. A 67-year-old who hails from Long Island, Mallon is openly, proudly gay, and in his heart of hearts, he will always be Republican. Even so, "The Republican party is now Donald Trump's party," Mallon says. "Which means that not only am I not a loyal Republican, I am not a Republican, period, anymore. I find Trump just absolutely intolerable."   Continue reading...

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