Steve Bannon Is Cancer to the Republican Party

The last time Alabama elected a Democrat before Doug Jones was Richard Shelby in 1986. Less than a decade later he switched to the Republican Party after the GOP captured control of Congress for the first time in 40 years.Doug Jones' defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama doesn't mean much for the national GOP in the 2018 elections. It was not a bellwether election. That said, Republicans have to offer better candidates, or they'll continue to lose elections they should win.The GOP must take a firm stand against Steve Bannon. The man has no intention of building a winning coalition. He's all about offering up toxic candidates that might win primaries with a plurality of votes but lose in the general election. Alabama was the first test for Bannon, and he failed.For his part, Bannon doesn't care. He sees it as a win no matter what. Charles Cooke of National Review tweeted, "Bannon's is a non-falsifiable theory. If he wins, he's right. If he loses, he's right. If his guy prevails, his finger was on the pulse; if his guy goes down, he was sabotaged."  Continue reading...

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