Spread the Splendor of Topo Chico, Coca Cola, But Don’t Change a Thing

Coca-Cola, congratulations for recognizing the effervescent awesomeness that is the Mexican mineral water Topo Chico. You’ve made the wise business move to purchase U.S. rights to the brand. And reports are that you paid Monterrey-based Arca Continental $220 million to seal the deal, which sounds like a bargain to us given that Topo Chico comes with its very own Aztec legend. Now a word to Coca-Cola headquarters: Do not New Coke this beloved-by-Texans sparkling water. Don’t change a thing: not the vintage bottle, not the crisp contents, not the old world packaging. Topo Chico has been around since 1895, and it’s perfect just the way it is.This brief is part of the Did Y'all Hear About collection of hits and misses from around Texas, updated each week.What's your view?Got an opinion about this issue? Send a letter to the editor, and you just might get published.  Continue reading...

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