Speed Limits on Toll Roads, Vowels on Texas License Plates and More From Curious Texas This Week

Happy Friday, Curious Texans! We answered two of your questions this week. Here's what we found: 1. How are the speed limits on North Texas toll roads decided? Many of our readers are puzzled by North Texas' toll roads, specifically by their speed limits. Given the vast number of questions, our Curious Texas team condensed them into a single query: How are speed limits set for North Texas toll roads?2. Can Texans use vowels and symbols on their license plates? The Lone Star State's plates have changed since they were first introduced 102 years ago. Among these changes include the size of the plates, their color and the number of characters on a plate.Tell us: What do you wonder about the culture, people and institutions of North Texas -- and the rest of our great state? Help us investigate stories that matter to you.Submit your question through the form below.   Continue reading...

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