Southwest Dropping Nonstop Flights From Dallas Love Field to OKC, San Francisco and Jacksonville

Southwest Airlines will drop nonstop routes this winter to Oklahoma City, San Francisco and Jacksonville, the Dallas-based company said Friday.Southwest said it will stop the flights on Jan. 6, when it starts its new winter schedule."This will allow us to reallocate that capacity on service that is a better opportunity to address the demand of our local Dallas customers," said a statement from Southwest. The upheaval cuts the short-haul flight from Dallas Love Field to Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City, on average just 36 minutes of time in the air, according to Flight Sphere. In comparison, it takes just over three hours to drive to the Oklahoma capital."Travelers will still be able to travel between OKC and DAL on one-stop itineraries," Southwest said. "We continually evaluate our service to ensure the seats we offer a community reflects demand, allowing us to utilize our people and planes to provide access to the places our customers want to go."Southwest operates one daily flight each way between Dallas and San Francisco as well as Dallas and Jacksonville. But it has three flights to Oklahoma City.Most Dallas to Oklahoma City fliers will be routed through Houston, which will now take at least 3 hours and 10 minutes, according to January schedules. With the changes, Southwest is adding a new route from Oklahoma City to Nashville and increasing flights from Oklahoma City to Houston and Phoenix.American Airlines still flies five daily flights from DFW International Airport to Oklahoma City.American, United and Alaska Airlines all fly nonstop from DFW to San Francisco International Airport. American has four nonstop flights daily from DFW to Jacksonville International Airport.  Continue reading...

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