So Many Want to Vote in Mexico’s Presidential Election That the Dallas Consulate Can’t Handle Them All

Some Mexican immigrants in North Texas are finding out they can’t register to vote in the July presidential election even though the deadline is more than a week away on March 31.Potential voters are being scheduled for appointments to fill out their registration paperwork, but those appointments are now being scheduled for April and beyond -- too late for them to be registered by the March deadline to vote in the presidential election.For the first time for a presidential election, Mexicans can register to vote absentee from outside their homeland. In the past, Mexican citizens had to go home to register to vote.The change has left Mexican consulates around the U.S. swamped with people who want to register. By mid-March, more than 615,000 Mexicans living outside Mexico had already begun the registration process. The North Texas diplomatic post has already started the process for about 67,400 registrants.More than 10 million Mexican-born immigrants in the U.S. are over the age of 18 and, therefore, eligible to vote, according to Census Bureau data.   Continue reading...

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