SMU Grad Training for Olympic Trials Attacked by Dog While Running in Fort Worth

A runner training for the Olympic trials was bitten by a dog Sunday in Fort Worth. Caitlin Keen was running on the Trinity Trails near South Hulen Street when a pit bull mix attacked her, KTVT-TV (Channel 11)reported. She said she tried to run away, but the dog pulled her back down."Before I knew it, the dog had jumped up on me, grabbed my arm, pulled me to the ground," she told KTVT. "I got up and tried to sprint away. It's a lot faster than I was, unfortunately. ... I got up, and we had a little bit of a faceoff. I kicked it with what I could."Other people on the trail helped her get away. The staff at the animal control center described the dog, which did not have a history of biting people, as happy and friendly, according to KTVT.The dog was quarantined at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control. The dog, named Taco, was wearing a puffy vest, but the owner was not around when the attack happened. The owner, who was not identified in the KTVT report, is trying to get the dog back, the station said. "The owners need to be held accountable if their dog is off leash," Keen told the station. "Even if you don't classify your dog as a dangerous dog, you never know what it's going to do."Fort Worth police did not make a report on the attack.  Continue reading...

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