Small-town Texas Company That Invented ‘bump Stock' Is in the Spotlight After Vegas Shooting

After a gunman killed 59 people attending a country music concert in Las Vegas, attention has turned to a little-known device called a "bump stock" or "bump fire stock," which may have enabled the shooter to turn a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic one.The device is manufactured by two main companies: Slide Fire Solutions and Bump Fire Systems, both located in the West Texas town of Moran, about two hours west of Dallas. At the last Census, the town had 270 people.Authorities found 42 guns in his home and in the room where he used as a sniper's nest at Mandalay Bay hotel. Some outfitted with bump stocks. It is not known where the Las Vegas shooter bought the bump stocks found in his room.But in the wake of the shootings, Slide Fire Solutions has been facing a barrage of criticism online from people who think the devices should be banned.   Continue reading...

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