Skeletal Remains Hidden in Bed Could Be Linked to Houston Missing-persons Case

A new owner cleaning out a vacant apartment in Houston noticed a foul smell, then discovered skeletal remains hidden beneath a mattress Thursday night, police said.The body could be connected to a missing-persons case linked to the apartment, police said.The body, which was decomposed and unable to be identified as a man or woman, was discovered around 11:30 p.m. in an apartment in the southwest part of the city, police said.The apartment's owner discovered the remains wrapped in cloth and trapped between a mattress and box springs.In March, 24-year-old Carlos Rios was reported missing and hasn't been found, police said. Rios used to live in the complex, Houston television station KHOU reported."We just can't determine if this is the person that was the missing person, but in that case there was foul play indicated," Houston homicide detective Kenneth Daignault said.A man living in the apartment with Rios was arrested on a narcotics charge at the time he went missing, but he was later released, according to Houston television station KTRK.  Continue reading...

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