Sitting in Jail, ‘Doc' Gallagher, Accused of Stealing $30 Million, Writes a Letter Deflecting Blame

Something about time in jail to think can lead to great writings by great men.Gandhi. Mandela. Martin Luther King Jr.Then there's the jail writings of W. Neil "Doc" Gallagher — the financial money man and radio show host locked away in Dallas County jail for the past four months on $1 million bond.Gallagher, 78, of North Richland Hills, is accused by authorities of running a Ponzi scheme that robbed his elderly victims of up to $30 million. Like Bernie Madoff, he allegedly took the money, didn't invest it and created phony financial statements he shared with his many victims, court records charge.Sitting in his cell, Gallagher received a letter from Susan Pippi, a Bedford woman suffering from lymphoma, who along with her husband, lost $675,000. She pleaded with him to tell the government where he hid all the money.Here's Gallagher's reply:"I am glad you wrote. I really do understand how you feel. Keep writing and expressing whatever you want. If I could get out of here I would gladly visit you face-to-face to give you the details of what has happened. (They won't let me speak to clients until the trial is over.) No surprise here: the way it has been characterized in the media is false. I look forward to seeing you. Doc."  Continue reading...

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