‘Sí, Se Puede': Teacher Tackles Challenges in Immigrant-rich School

Maria Luz Rivera and her three daughters stepped up to Adan Gonzalez and his silver golf cart loaded with backpacks, story books and yellow No. 2 pencils.Like Santa Claus, Gonzalez was ready to please, and pass out the freebies.The first-year teacher at James Bowie Elementary set out to deliver school supplies to kids in his class of third graders, but he wanted to share his personal story, too. He grew up in a crowded apartment in the Oak Cliff ‘hood. Gonzalez went to Bowie, was the son of a Mexicano immigrant janitor -- and just graduated from Harvard.He came home to teach and show his people what’s possible.But Rivera stunned him with her own drama.“I am a single mother and the father of my daughters is being deported,” she said in Spanish. “You are a blessing.”  Continue reading...

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