Should Pete Sessions Seek Rematch Against Democrat Colin Allred? He's Considering It

When Colin Allred ousted Republican Pete Sessions in the northeast Dallas 32nd Congressional District, many observers thought Sessions' career in electoral politics was over.Not so fast.Sessions is considering a rematch against Allred, a quiet but rising star in the Democratic Party."There will be an opportunity for me to make a decision in mid-September,” Sessions told me over the weekend.It's not surprising that Sessions isn't ruling out a comeback attempt.Before losing to Allred, he was reelected numerous times in the suburban district, and he rose through the Republican ranks to become chairman of the House Rules Committee, an influential leadership post.Even as he was fighting for his political life, Sessions' supporters said he would be in line for a major leadership post, perhaps speaker, if Republicans could retain the House.But Allred easily won in a district that has been trending Democratic for more than a decade.Now Republicans are trying to find a candidate who can beat the freshman before he becomes entrenched.  Continue reading...

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