Shot and Left for Dead, Pit Bull Used as Bait Dog Finds Perfect Owner, Who's Missing a Limb, Too

Whiskey the pit bull will never be whole again after losing a leg when she was shot and left for dead as a bait dog. But she is complete, thanks to a new master who’s also missing a limb."I imagined what this sweet, loving dog must be going through,” said Jeff Meyer of Mansfield, “and knew I could help.”Before she was Whiskey, she was a malnourished and fearful bait dog named Jessica, used as prey in dog-fighting bouts. Abandoned by her old master, someone left her at the Fort Worth animal shelter where veterinarians saved her life, but not her leg.She eventually recovered from her injuries and ended up in the care of Kristen Flora, a foster-dog mom who spent five months helping Whiskey trust people again."Watching her overcome so many obstacles was a joy," Flora said. "It's inspirational to watch a dog with three limbs and a history of sadness love and just be, without question or sadness or anxiety or any of the things we experience as humans."  Continue reading...

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