Shingle Mountain Becomes Defining Political Issue in Southeast Dallas Council Race

The legal battle of Shingle Mountain — the 7,000-ton pile of roofing material that loomed over southeast Dallas homes — appears to be over.But even as the dumping ground's days are numbered, two City Council candidates are still fighting the political war over the blight.Council member Tennell Atkins is in a one-on-one rematch with the man who succeeded and preceded him on the council, Erik Wilson. The race has revived many of the two candidates' old squabbles and issues, including illegal dumping, economic development, responsiveness to constituents' needs and ability to navigate City Hall's bureaucracy for southeast Dallas' benefit.But at the latest forum, the first question was, What do you know about the shingles on State Highway 310?Atkins said Shingle Mountain's existence was a “crying shame." The growing into the environmental hazard led a judge to order a 90-day deadline for the company responsible, Blue Star Recycling, to make it disappear. The city's zoning allowed the site to be used to store the shingles, but city attorneys said the company had far exceeded the amount of material allowed by the state.Atkins said as soon as he learned about the mound in December, he got to work trying to get rid of it, saying the city “did everything in our power” to hold the company responsible.  Continue reading...

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