She Died as Part of a Medical Study She Didn’t Even Know She Was in

After his wife died unexpectedly in August, Manuel Belmonte knew that something wasn't right. Cristina, 45, a mother of three, had no known major medical issues aside from diabetes.His confusion gnawed at him. He knew he was missing something. But what was it?Eight weeks after her death, he received a letter from UT Southwestern Medical Center. That confused him because she passed away in Fort Worth.He opened the envelope.The letter begins with condolences and ends with surprising information."Your family member was entered into a research study in hope of finding the best practices to treat cardiac arrest, and we are writing to inform you that this has occurred. This was done without your or your family member's prior consent because they were unconscious and without a pulse at the time, and immediate treatment for this was necessary."  Continue reading...

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