Sewers Overflowing Across Dallas Because of Heavy Rain

The recent downpours have led several Dallas sewers to overflow, the city announced Thursday. Sanitary sewer overflows were reported at 29 locations and three primary drainage basins — East Bank, White Rock and Lower Five Mile — exceeded 100,000 gallons. When a single basin exceeds 100,000, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires the city to notify the public and appropriate government officials. The city's water supply has not been affected, Dallas Water Utilities Assistant Director Zachary Peoples said. "The overflows were primarily caused by inflow and infiltration of storm water into the City of Dallas wastewater collection system," he said in a written statement. Residents should still avoid contact with waste material, soil or water in any of the affected areas, which can be reviewed here. Anyone who does come into contact should bathe and wash their clothes thoroughly.   Continue reading...

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