Senate to Debate Texas School Finance This Weekend But Digs in on Voucher-like Option

AUSTIN-- The Senate is expected to debate a fix to Texas school finance system on Sunday night while the chamber's education chair insists he's not backing down on school choice.Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, tacked on an education savings account measure to the House bill that would allow special education children to use the money for private school or other options.Taylor said that provision was "absolutely" a deal breaker. He stressed that the bill now has many provisions that would have a widespread impact. They include facilities funding for charter schools and fast-growth districts, more money for dyslexic students and a grant program to serve autistic students, which was a legislation Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston, carried this session.But Huberty, who authored the school finance overhaul, has been adamant that he doesn't want ESAs on his bill. The House has previously voted this session not to use public dollars for voucher-like efforts.  Continue reading...

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