Sen. Ted Cruz Is Eager to Take Uber’s Air Taxi But Wishes It Could Bring Him ‘decent Mexican Food’

WASHINGTON — Sen. Ted Cruz praised Uber's innovative spirit, saying its initiative to launch an urban air taxi service illustrates the power of free enterprise — and the dangers of socialism."Socialism doesn’t work," he said. "One of the reasons socialism doesn’t work is it stifles innovation. It calcifies the socioeconomic strata, so if you’re rich, you stay rich. If you’re poor, you stay poor."When he worked at the Federal Trade Commission under President George W. Bush, Cruz said he watched as brick-and-mortar retailers tried to team up with government regulators to trip up the rise of e-commerce. He said that pattern tends to repeat itself, but, he said, "it is that creative destruction that drives the innovation in America."  Continue reading...

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