See Why It Took Forklifts and Drills to Dismantle the Massive ‘Dallas Morning News Mural' for Its New Home

Pieces of art often carry with them their own elaborate stories. Such is the case with The Dallas Morning News Mural, a sprawling work of lush color painted by Perry Nichols and installed in the lobby of The News, at 508 Young St. in downtown Dallas, in 1949, when the building opened.It did not remain there, however, and that, too, is part of its peripatetic odyssey.The mural, which is 15 feet high and wrapped around three walls in its original location — if spread out horizontally, it would be 175 feet wide — was taken down this past week from the walls of the TXCN building on the campus of The News. The reason? Later this year, the newspaper will relocate to a modernized workspace in the Old Dallas Central Library at the opposite end of downtown.  Continue reading...

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