San Antonio-area Trump Supporter Reportedly Left Death Threat for Ted Cruz

A San Antonio-area man is accused of leaving a death threat for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the San Antonio Express-News reports.While court records only name the victim as T.C., the Express-News confirmed him as Ted Cruz through sources other than prosecutors and the FBI. Court documents accuse James Amos Headley, 59, of leaving a threatening voicemail July 11 at Cruz's office in D.C."Pretty soon you're gonna be runnin for your life, just hope your family is not with ya because I'm not gonna insult them, I'm gonna kill them, right after I shoot you right in front of them...." the voicemail reportedly says.Headley was arrested last week on a federal felony charge of threatening to assault and murder a public official with intent to impede, intimidate, and interfere with the official and his duties, according to the Express-News.He remains in federal custody with a court date next week. The Express-News reports that Headley is a Trump supporter. According to the complaint, Headley told agents at the time of his arrest that he called Cruz after watching the news, because he was upset with Cruz's stance on certain policies.Calls to Sen. Cruz's D.C. office were not immediately returned.Officials also say Headley's wife called police in 2008 regarding a domestic dispute. Headley reportedly grabbed a rifle from the bedroom and brought it into the living room.  Continue reading...

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