Ross Perot Jr. Looks to Raise His Dallas-Fort Worth Airline for High-end Travelers to a New High

North Texas has a new airline, but this one won’t be competing with the likes of American and Southwest for its share of the traveling masses.Instead, Hillwood Airways, based out of Fort Worth Alliance Airport, is looking to entice corporate travelers and other high-fliers. For now, the fleet consists of a luxury Boeing 737-700C aircraft where every passenger would be treated like they’re in first class.The new entrant in a growing charter operator market promises on-demand service to get travelers from Point A to Point B anywhere in the world, even if it doesn’t include a major airport.“We believe there is a need for high-end transportation of very discerning people who are looking to be treated with the tender care and feeding, if you will, that they deserve. We are that offering,” said Ched Bart, president and CEO of Hillwood Airways.  Continue reading...

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