Robert Jeffress Renders Unto Trump the Same Fearful Claptrap He's Been Preaching for Years

First thing that comes up when you YouTube-search "Robert Jeffress" is a segment of his sermon titled "Countdown To The Apocalypse," which goes a long way toward explaining why this week First Baptist Dallas' senior pastor rendered unto Donald Trump the OK to off Kim Jong Un and nuke North Korea. The president's chief evangelical advisor has been selling the End Time for a long time, and he'd best cough up the fiery final product pronto lest the flock eventually figure out he's just another false prophet selling dread and despair dolled up as The Word of God.Surely you're aware by now of Jeffress' latest salvo fired in his duties as Trump's personal pipeline to the Higher Authority. Earlier this week Jeffress trotted out a biblical passage -- Romans 13, which essentially says people should obey their government's laws -- and waved it as proof that "God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un." At which point the Internet reacted as it often does in these troubled times: Everyone became a Bible scholar, then made jokes.  Continue reading...

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