Robbery Spree Targeting Gay Men in Dallas Broken by Quick-thinking Victim Who Escaped

A string of violent robberies targeting gay men in Dallas came to an abrupt end after one of their victims, a random Home Depot shopper, managed to get away from his kidnappers and call 911, according to police and court records.When Dallas police showed up at a vacant apartment where that shopper had been held, they found four of the victims lying face down in an empty bedroom, court records say.The men had been kidnapped, robbed and beaten when they showed up at the apartment after responding to a fake Grindr post seeking gay men for dates, police say. Five other men also were held and robbed under similar circumstances, according to federal prosecutors.One victim was smeared with feces and urinated on, court records show. Another was sexually assaulted with an object, the federal indictment says.  Continue reading...

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