Rift Over Renewable Fuel Credits Divides Energy Industry All the Way to the Gas Pump

WASHINGTON — Anthony Juanillo is the kind of driver who is “willing to go that extra mile to save a few bucks” filling up his tank.And so he wheeled his grey Mitsubishi SUV on a recent summer morning to the QuikTrip in Oak Cliff after researching gasoline prices on his phone and passing on other service stations down the road. All for just a few cents per gallon.“I have waited in line for a pump here,” said Juanillo, who’s in his mid-30s.That thrifty impulse held by motorists in Texas and across the U.S. plays into a fight that’s emerged over an obscure part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s complicated regulations concerning renewable fuels like corn ethanol.The particulars are seemingly mundane: which entities should be responsible for making sure the proper amounts of biofuel are blended into gasoline. The same goes for the main point of contention: some players are better positioned than others to take advantage of the current setup.But the stakes are high, as the prospect of remaking a high-dollar commodity market has major ramifications in an industry where pennies on the gallon matter all the way to the pump.  Continue reading...

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