Rick Perry Was Wrong to Ignore the First Barack Obama Inaugural, and So Are Democrats Boycotting Trump

Liberal lawmakers and others who find the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency untenable are busy making plans to be anywhere but Washington come Friday, when Chief Justice John Roberts asks one of the biggest purveyors of falsehoods in modern memory to swear on a Bible to uphold the Constitution. At last count, there were some 38 lawmakers, including one in Texas, who had pledged to boycott the new president's swearing in.I share their dismay, but I won't be joining them.Trump is going to be our president, everyone's president, including Rep. John Lewis and everyone on Twitter who keeps using the hashtag #notmypresident. Sure, he might eventually be impeached; he might resign - or he might win a second term and be our president until early 2025.No matter what happens, the worst thing his opponents can do is pretend his presidency is unreal.   Continue reading...

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