Rick Perry Falls for Social Media Hoax, Then Razzes Himself by Jokingly Giving Up Rights to His Dachshund Instas

WASHINGTON -- Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the Texan who oversees the nation's nuclear arsenal, took to Instagram on Wednesday with a very serious update on how exactly the social media network could use the content he posts to his account, @governorperry.Among the Perry wit and wisdom now eligible for Instagram to "publish, distribute and/or sell":Pictures of dachshunds. George Strait lyrics. Pies "baked and possibly eaten in or near Round Top," where Perry lives when he's not in D.C. Other pictures of dachshunds. Backstage selfies with Vanilla Ice. The "real truth behind Area 51." And oh yeah, more pictures of dachshunds.Very serious, indeed."This post I made on my phone shall stand as a legally binding document, in perpetuity throughout the universe," the former Texas governor wrote, further cementing the tongue-in-cheek post he made on an account that really does feature photos of many of those things.Perry's bit of humor came after he fell victim to an Internet hoax that claimed Instagram was implementing a "new rule where they can use your photos."  Continue reading...

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